Son, I am so very proud of you. 
(Peep if any of these are you!)

Son, I am so very proud of you.
(Peep if any of these are you!)


4/13 Meetup in Freeway Park (Betas, Harley-Englishes, a school of Amporae, a lovely Kanaya cluster, Nitrams, and Jade & Jake bookended by Karkats.)

Peep at me if you’re in any of these and want a shoutout. n_n

Derrrrp. Wrong blog. :P

Just a quick derpy kid. :) 

Just a quick derpy kid. :) 

4/13 meetup in Freeway Park (cosplay group)

4/13 meetup in Freeway Park (cosplay group)

I’m spending part of today hanging out in a park with Homestucks. :)

Happy birthday, John, Jane.
Happy birthday, Homestuck.

(Happy Homestuckiversary, me. I started reading a year ago today.)

(Photos from the meet later today, I think. And hopefully an art. I have a John sketch I need to scan.)



Oh heeey, it’s me, too. :o)

I had a pretty rad time at the con, but ended up having the worst post-con drop I’ve had in years. :< Too much fun, yo. Too much fun. Might go to Sakura-con anyway. :)

Hey, assorted people! Emerald City Comic-Con is …er, tomorrow! And I’ll be running around Saturday like this. ^_^ Feel free to say hi. :o)

(p.s. also, not dead, just buried under a heap of schoolwork. going to try to do some blogging before the end of spring break, though!)

bluhhhh. I am sick. I’ll be back in a day or two when sitting up doesn’t suck anymore. :< 

Skaia’s gone out.
(That cannot possibly be good.)

Noir: In any world he is the stabbiest there is.

Somehow I saw that coming. Fuck you sideways, Caliborn.

The author is fully aware of the metatextual state of his story. JFC, what a ballsy dick. ^___^;;;; This is definitely going to be a shitty twist.

Oh, Dirk. Honey, no. Maybe don’t do that to yourself. :< Or to Jake. :<


iiiiiiinteresting. So the male homosexual pairing is not as ‘reprehensibly scandalous’ to the horrible little creep? Okay, so I was already getting some pretty awful lesbian objectification out of his previous requests, but that’s….interesting. What else does he have to say about it?

Oooookay. That actually makes sense, after a fashion. He’s still got some serious and unpleasant fixation on women and I’m just kind of hoping this entire convo is done soon. :< 

Do I even want to know?

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